Sunday, October 7th, 2018 

I was awakened by the sound of bells in the 
distance of my apartment in Berlin.Shocked, I immediately went onto the balcony and recorded the bells on my phone, overcome with awe, induced into an ecstatic high. I've heard these bells 
before in many dreams as i initiated the creative process for my LP. There’s even a song where i directly mention them and created a sound to emulate the texture. I could not! believe the vision of this frequency revealed its true source yet again as i slept, but remained in the physical world for me to feel. 

My time in Berlin thus far had been energetically turbulent. I was overwhelmed, anxious and unsure if i was expressing my true element. I felt an unfamiliar formlessness as i tried to submerge myself into an environment so opposite of my nature and creative drive. I was uninspired and frustrated and excited all the same. 

Then I heard these bells, and i was soothed. A knowingness and flow returned to my spirit. 
I had a vision. It became Bells Berlin. A true reflection of a transformative experience in foreign lands, ignited by a familiar sound. I’d like to mention! One of the core sounds in the instrumentation is the Harmonium, such a funky thing that i played and recorded at Red Bull Music Academy. 

4 Wings was created over this Full Moon period. A release in itself, a final meditation on all that has manifested, a death to that which no longer serves the next phase of being. The clarity, assurance, and energy i received while at the academy allowed me to free another dimension of self that is now in flight. Farewell. 

Stay True 

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